'Post' readers express support for Israel's response to Hamas terror

"I am against any kind of war, but must admit that I totally agree with the Israeli response to these terrorist attacks on your country."

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I am against any kind of war, but must admit that I totally agree with the Israeli response to these terrorist attacks on your country. Self-defense is a human right in all civilized countries. No one can blame anyone for reacting when citizens are bombed and murdered. Although, being a German - I teach at the Anne-Frank-Realschule - I am a pacifist who realizes what war means, I have learned what sufferings the Jewish people had to endure under our fanatic Nazi government. So I can understand and support the means your government has taken to get rid of fanatics, whatever kind they may be. PETER WEBER Bad Ems, Germany People of Israel, don't listen to the hostile media. The good people of the United States stand with you as you protect your people from Hamas. You are in the right in your endeavor. Pursue victory. God be with you and your armed forces. THOMAS LEANZA Los Angeles When I began to study the Holocaust many years ago, I found it extremely hard to believe how seemingly ordinary people, governments and the media were prepared to look away and turn their backs upon the Jews. As the years have passed, I have sadly begun to realize that such attitudes are not limited to the Europe of the Nazi era. I have witnessed this reaction as thousands of Palestinian missiles and mortars have rained down upon Jewish towns and villages, traumatizing children and wounding, maiming and killing others. The missiles are being launched from areas of an ancient Jewish homeland ceded to the Palestinians as part of a peace process. I have watched how seemingly ordinary people, governments and the media have responded with a thunderous silence as Jewish schools, hospitals and shopping centers have been hit and the lives of innocent Jewish civilians have become a nightmare. I have also watched as the same people, governments and media have then broken their silence to participate in a frenzy of vilification of the Jewish state as it has dared to defend itself. Although historical evidence suggests that a number of factors enabled the genocide of the European Jews to occur, it has also been written that "The road to Auschwitz was built by hate, but paved with indifference." The present climate has been ripened to such a degree that those who sympathized with the perpetrators of the "Final Solution" are beginning to raise their ugly heads again. It is time to realize that "those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it." DOUG ROBERTS Tredegar, UK I would like to say thank you to the people of Israel for taking a stand against terror, and to let you know that most of the world is with you - but, most importantly, that God is with you. MICHAEL GORDON Jacksonville, Florida I realize that most of the world is out of touch in understanding Israel's plight when it comes to its enemies. And by "enemies," I mean all those who oppose Israel's God-given right to exist. I just wanted you to know that not only I, but many people in the US are praying for Israel's safety and victory. LISA MIXON Alexandria, Louisiana To the people of Israel: Victory for Israel is the only means to future peace in the world. We stand beside you during this very difficult time. My prayers are for your soldiers and your leadership. JEFF WILLOUGHBY Houston,Texas As the father of four daughters, an American, and a nurse I cannot tell you how I feel about what has been going on in your part of the world. I only say to you and your people that if anyone fired rockets at my home, I would fire back. So it is time you tried to stop the madness. I support what you have to do to make your families safe. Killing is not easy for most, but to allow people to just fire rockets at homes in your country because they can, is wrong. JERRY LUCAS, RN Deputy, Indiana Dear people of Israel, you are to be commended for your actions against the Islamist thugs of Hamas. My only prayer is that this time you finish things with lasting success! PETER FOLGER Biddeford, Maine I simply want to drop a note to the readers of The Jerusalem Post that this is one American who stands behind Israel 100%. As a retired member of the USAF, I find it absolutely disgusting that the world continues to stand by and allow the likes of Iran to promulgate their desire to eliminate the existence of Israel! BILL MORRISON Monroe, Michigan For God's sake, keep fighting until every Hamas leader is gone and Hamas's infrastructure is destroyed. Do not let any international reporter visit the area under any circumstances. The journey to peace is led by strong leaders - not by being nice or reasonable. MEL KELOWNA Canada This war was long in coming, but Israel has to defend its people and land. I pray for a speedy victory for you, and hope you get some of your land back that has been given away in hope of peace. GLENDA WOOD Temple, Texas Stand fast, we in America are shoulder to shoulder with our brothers and sisters in Israel. You must ignore the anti-Israel demonstrators in the US. These people are a small minority, professional protesters always at the ready to protest anything. They do not represent the United States. We here are not fooled by the ignorant and arrogant rantings of the Arab world concerning the Palestinians. The Gaza Strip is currently a cesspool of terror. Anyone who owns a home knows that they have to empty their cesspool when it starts to back up. GARY SALMON Mechanicville, New York Your action against Hamas is long overdue. If I were president, I would give you anything in my power that you needed in the way of arms, financing, equipment and even military personnel to help drive these terrorist organizations into the depths of hell itself. Unfortunately, I am only one voice, but I can use that voice to write my president and congressional leaders to continue to support Israel, and I intend to do just that. KENNY JAMES Paris, Tennessee I support Israel defending her right to protect her people and her country. I think your leaders should stop giving up what God the Father has given you. I'm praying for you. THOMAS SCHAFER Hanover, PA Enough was enough a long time ago. It's time, Israel, to take a stand against evil, especially that which desires to extinguish your life as a nation. We in the great state of Texas are behind you and cover you with our prayers. May the God of Israel go before you, as He did in the days of old. LOU HOWARD Granbury Texas Consider what I would do to deal with Hamas: I would commission the manufacture of similar rockets in far greater numbers, and launch a large number of them at Hamas for every one they fire at Israel. Give them what they deserve! MAX MINOR Texas I see on TV and read in the news that Israel is pounding Hamas in the Gaza Strip. Kudos to the nation of Israel for its overdue action against these terrorists, and for not listening to the outside world to make another futile truce. The militant terrorists will only want a truce when it looks like Israel will wipe them out. Then, when another truce is declared, it will only serve to give them time to regroup and plan more attacks. Israel must do what is necessary before Iran starts to use its nuclear capabilities against Israel. With respect to the US, the Carter, Clinton and Bush peace polices failed. So I would advise Israel to ignore US suggestions on peace polices. Appeasement is not the answer for Israel's survival. Only victory over the militant Islamist terrorists will keep Israel intact as a nation. JOHN MALAGRIN Baltimore