Public's comfort ignored in projects

Two controversial plans carried out by the municipality - Midron Yaffo and Mitham Hatachana - were carried out in legally questionable circumstances. In the first, the city's plans ignored nationwide laws concerning preservation of beaches and, according to Lindenstrauss, failed to take into consideration the public interest. As a result of developing the area into a park, but without proper planning, the 200-dunam park does not contain any sanitary bathroom facilities for park users. In the second case, Lindenstrauss found that the city violated its own zoning and building regulations for the area. • Not well run As of May 2008, the Tel Aviv Municipality operated approximately 121 wells and 12 chlorinization facilities all without proper business permits. • Watch what they eat On the one hand, the municipality was one of only two of the six checked by Lindenstrauss in which school lunches were produced with proper oversight by the veterinary and health authorities. On the other hand, the comptroller found that children in Tel Aviv whose parents were unable to pay for the meals were forced to sit by the side while their classmates ate.