Reporter in Kamm espionage case returns to Israel

Uri Blau, the 'Haaretz' journalist who received classified documents from then-soldier Anat Kamm, to be interrogated by Shin Bet.

uri blau 311 (photo credit: Channel 2)
uri blau 311
(photo credit: Channel 2)
Uri Blau, the Haaretz reporter who allegedly received over 1,500 classified documents from then-soldier Anat Kamm, returned to Israel after fleeing to London on Sunday, according to a statement released by the Justice Ministry.
Israel Security Police (Shin Bet) had previously demanded that Blau return to Israel to be interrogated, but had refused. Shin Bet has been negotiating with Blau's attorneys for months, in order to receive all of the documents Kamm had sent him, and finally, for him to come to Israel.
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The Defense Ministry said the negotiations "ensured national security, on the one hand, and allowed the reporter to keep his sources confidential, on the other hand."
Blau committed to return to Israel and report to the police and Shin Bet within 48 hours of his arrival, so that he can be investigated. He must also declare that he no longer has any documents in any format, and will undergo a polygraph test.
The information will be turned over to the State Attorney, who will determine whether there is a criminal case against Blau or not. The Government's Legal Advisor will also work on the case, due to its great sensitivity.
Blau had given the Shin Bet 50 documents in September 2009, and shortly after Kamm was investigated. She allegedly transferred documents marked "confidential" to the reporter, and was indicted for major espionage.