Rightist religious leaders jostle in pre-elections event

3 right wing religious leaders vying for votes in next week's parliamentary election jostled for support among the national religious camp at a Jerusalem even Tuesday night in the Great Synagogue, offering competing visions on whether it was more effective to support the Likud or two small right-of-center parties. The English languages debate pitted Moshe Feiglin, No. 36 on the Likud list against new chairman of National Union Yaakov Katz and the chairman of HaBayit Hayehudi party chairman Prof. Daniel Hershkovitz. Feiglin repeatedly said that the only place to effectively change policies was within Likud. "By voting for me you are voting for those who can guard Netanyahu from within and not be irrelevant from the outside," Feiglin said. "Only with us will you be sure that there is no Palestinian state, no disengagement," Katz said. "Only with us you can be sure that Feiglin is not in the 36th slot but in the first, second or third," he added. "Every two or three years the Likud spits in our face," Hershkovitz said, "and uses us as a one time dish."