Sderot residents want tax exemption

Petition court to return all taxes paid from June 28 fatal Kassam attack.

Kassam bloody gd 298.88 (photo credit: Maya Lefkowitz )
Kassam bloody gd 298.88
(photo credit: Maya Lefkowitz )
Forty Sderot residents petitioned the Tel Aviv District Court to grant them a tax exemption on the grounds that the state was not providing them with security and was not responding adequately to the continued Kassam rocket attacks form the Gaza Strip. The petitioners argued that residents of the city should be exempt from paying taxes and, in addition, demanded that the taxes paid as of June 28, be refunded. On June 28, a Kassam rocket landed near a children's playground, killing two and wounding nine. The petition was based upon the social pact that exists between the citizens' duty to pay taxes and the state's duty to provide taxpayers with security. Darsan Litner, the lawyer with whom the petition was submitted, said that between the citizens and that state there was a contract. "Citizens, including the citizens of Sderot, agree that the state will diminish their wealth in exchange for the defense of their most important right - the right to life," said Litner. The petition stated: "When the state acts to provide security and defense to the petitioners and their families, the defendant will have permission to turn to the court and demand the tax burdens be returned to the shoulders of the residents."