Severe abuse case suspected in North

Father allegedly burns toddler with hot knife to wean him off diapers.

police car 248.88 (photo credit: Channel 10 )
police car 248.88
(photo credit: Channel 10 )
A father from the northern village of Kfar Yasif with a history of family abuse was arrested on Monday for striking his toddler son on the buttocks with a burning hot knife in order to wean him off diapers. According to police, the suspect, 40, would place the knife on a hot grill before unleashing the cruel abuse on his two-year-old stepson. The toddler suffered severe burns, and his condition was reported to police by an alert social services worker who spotted the suspicious injuries in a Nahariya hospital. The toddler's mother at first denied that her husband was responsible for the injuries, but went on to admit that he had caused the burns, police added. Cmdr. Avi Edri, head of Acre Police, told reporters that the suspect had been convicted of previous domestic abuse charges, and had been given a suspended sentence. On Sunday, a mother from the village of Jizr al-Zarka was arrested for critically injuring her baby son by pouring scolding water on him.