Sky: 'Silwan archaeological tunnel extended'

Sky report with video footage: Palestinians upset over dig aiming to uncover road to Second Temple.

The extension of an archaeological tunnel under the City of David has caused upset among Palestinians, according to a Sky News report Friday, which featured mobile phone video footage. According to the report, the archaeological project is funded by settlers, and aims to uncover a road which led to the entrance to the Second Temple. Palestinians in Silwan, the report said, claim the excavations have caused damage to roads, homes and schools above. The City of David site has already yielded significant archaeological finds, including a water tunnel that dates back to at least the First Temple era and most recently two seal impressions belonging to ministers of King Zedekiah. High-profile archaeological digs there are conducted with funding from the Elad Foundation, a religious nationalist movement that calls for Jewish settlement and development in Silwan. In recent years, Elad has bought up land and homes from Arabs in the area and about 70 Jewish families now live there, a foundation official said. The Elad Foundation also runs the City of David visitor's center, which attracted 500,000 visitors in 2008.