State: We don't need Channel 2's copy

Prosecution says there is proof "Galant Document" is a forgery.

yoav galant 224.88 (photo credit: IDF)
yoav galant 224.88
(photo credit: IDF)
The state sent a letter to the Petah Tikva District Court on Thursday, saying there is proof that the "Galant Document" is fake, and Channel 2's version is not necessary in order to conduct an investigation, warning that it may be needed later on.
"At this stage, we are able to say that there is basis to Mr. Eyal Arad's complaints that the document was forged," the letter from Dan Eldad of the state prosecution, reads.
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"In investigating a forgery, it is important to get every version of the forged document," the prosecution explains, "because every step and every additional copy of the document is different, and the signs help put together evidence."
The letter also says that the state has numerous copies of the forged document from various sources, including the copy that was photocopied and given to Channel 2. "Under these circumstances, the document that the news company holds is not needed, at this stage, in order to continue the investigation," Eldad continues.
"However, the police investigation is continuing, and in the end, if there is proof that will lead to an indictment, the [Channel 2] document will be necessary," the state explains. The letter adds that the court should not return the letter to Channel 2, because possessing it is a crime.
Eldad recommends in the letter that the Channel 2 version of the document remain in the court's safe.
"It's unfortunate that a forger dragged the whole country into this mess," Arad said in a statement released Thursday. "Now, whoever forged the documents should admit to what he did in order to end this for the army and the whole country. I and my partners will wait patiently in order not to prevent the police from catching the forger and bring him to justice.
Police investigators requested on Thursday that the Petah Tikva District Court provide them with Channel 2's version of the "Galant document" for the purposed of conducting a "technical comparison" with the version they currently hold, according to Israel Radio.
The Galant document, which was leaked by Channel 2 on 6, purports to show that Arad Communications, a public relations firm, drew up plans to damage the reputations of senior IDF officers in a bid to promote OC Southern Command Maj.-Gen. Yoav Galant’s candidacy to succeed Ashkenazi as chief of General Staff.