TA mother suspected of tying 2-year-old to bed

Police detain woman for allegedly leaving 3 girls in apartment while she went out to buy groceries.

child generic 248.88 (photo credit: Jerusalem Post Archives)
child generic 248.88
(photo credit: Jerusalem Post Archives)
A 28-year-old Tel Aviv woman was arrested late Saturday night on suspicion of neglecting her children, aged two, four and five. Police officers patrolling the area entered the apartment after noticing the two older girls standing on a windowsill. When no one answered the door, they enlisted the help of firefighters to enter the home. Once inside, they discovered the two-year-old girl tied to her bed. The mother claimed that she had left the house to buy groceries at the local store, and had no one to babysit her children. Police alerted welfare services to the scene, who transferred the girls into the care of their father. The mother was set to appear at the Tel Aviv Magistrate's Court for a remand extension hearing later Sunday.