Team to rehabilitate North established

Olmert to head efforts to repair damage; Shahak Commission meets for 1st time.

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Prime Minister Ehud Olmert announced at the start of the weekly government meeting in Jerusalem on Sunday the establishment of a special cabinet to rehabilitate the North. He named himself as head of the special team. Maj.-Gen. (res) Amos Yaron was appointed as the coordinator of the government's actions to repair the damages caused during the war. Yaron's job will be to "expedite rehabilitation processes" together with government offices, local authorities and the companies that will win tenders to carry out the major task of repairing the region. The former director general of the Defense Ministry was highly respected by former prime minister Ariel Sharon and played a significant role in building Israel's security barrier. "We are submitting for approval a long list of tasks meant to bring about an immediate return to normalcy for the residents of northern Israel," Olmert told the ministers. The prime minister added that he has appointed a team of director generals of government ministers, headed by PMO Director-General Ra'anan Dinor, to prepare a detailed plan to fulfill the cabinet's goals for the North. Meanwhile, the commission charged with investigating the military's handling of the war in Lebanon gathered on Sunday morning for its first meeting. Headed by former IDF chief of staff, Lt.-Gen. (res) Amnon Lipkin-Shahak, the commission will formulate the list of witnesses that will be called to testify.