Tel Avivians run for cover as wild weather hits the country

After one of the driest winters on record, isolated showers and flash flooding fell on Monday.

Rain in Tel Aviv 311 (photo credit: JOANNA PARASZCZUK)
Rain in Tel Aviv 311
(photo credit: JOANNA PARASZCZUK)
One of Israel's driest winters on record saw rain and thunderstorms fall in various parts of the country on Monday.
Hail and a sudden burst of showers sent Tel Avivians running for cover just after noon while the north and center regions of the country experienced similar weather.
The wild weather gradually weakened through the day.
Rain fell Saturday throughout the country with scattered showers on Sunday stretching from north of the Sea of Galilee to the southern Negev.
Due to floods in the desert, police closed Highway 40 from The Zin Valley to Mitzpe Ramon on Sunday afternoon.
After prolonged drought conditions, weather forecasters said it would take large amounts of rain to cause the country's streams to flow and for the level of the Sea of Galilee to rise. The low rates of flow in the streams was among the lowest ever recorded for this time of year.
During February, there was primarily a single episode of rain that impacted the water, and Lake Kinneret rose only 2 centimeters – in comparison to 37 centimeters in the same period last year. Since the beginning of the rainy season, the Kinneret had only risen 4 centimeters, in comparison to 1.97 meters during the same period last year, data from the Water Authority revealed.
Rain showers and scattered thunderstorms are expected to continue on Tuesday and Wednesday as well. Temperatures will remain unusually low for the season.
Tues 11/3: Isolated showers over the north spreading to the center throughout the day, with isolated thunderstorms and strong winds. Snow is expected over Mt Hermon and rain will spread to the Negev during the night. There is a risk of flash floods.
Wed 12/03: Occasional showers from the north to the Negev, accompanied by isolated thunderstorms and strong winds. Snow over Mt. Hermon. Temperatures expected to drop further, becoming unseasonably cool. Risk of flooding and flash floods.
Thu 13/03: Occasional showers from north to the Negev and unseasonably cool. Snow over Mt. Hermon. Risk of flooding and flash floods.