Topaz's lawyer hints media to blame for death

"They shook him without mercy," says Zion Amir; TV presenter Gilad: I only feel pain for his children.

dudu topaz police car 248 88 (photo credit: Channel 2)
dudu topaz police car 248 88
(photo credit: Channel 2)
Moments after Dudu Topaz's suicide on Thursday morning, the entertainer's lawyer, Zion Amir, appeared to point the finger at the media for his client's death. "I spoke to him yesterday and he told me, 'My mental state is really bad, I'm not going to be able to hold out, I cannot bear this,'" a tearful Amir told Army Radio. "But I just thought it was part of his frustration over the difficult period he was going through." "I'm am so angry about it, people kill, and they killed Dudu Topaz without mercy or compassion," he continued in an apparent reference to the media. "They just took him and shook him without mercy." He went on to say that Topaz had asked his permission to write a letter ahead of the Jewish month of Elul, a period traditionally for reflection and forgiveness. "He said he didn't believe the apology would ease his sentence, but he at least hoped it would clear his conscience," said the attorney. Television show presenter Avri Gilad, who was allegedly on Topaz's "hit list" called Topaz's suicide "tragic." Nevertheless, he stressed that the "pain I feel is only for Topaz's children, who had no part in this whole affair." "It's so hard for them, it breaks my heart," he said. Gilad dismissed Amir's accusation that Topaz's death had been brought on by the media. Topaz friend Yigal Galai told Channel 10 that while the entertainer's death was "shocking," it "doesn't surprise me." "This week, I received a request from him to try and bring an end to the whole affair with [Reshet director-general Shira] Margalit and [Keshet network chief Avi] Nir by Yom Kippur," he added, refusing to elaborate. Topaz had been suspected of ordering a team of goons to assault Margalit and Nir.