Tzipi Livni

livni press 248 88 ap (photo credit: AP)
livni press 248 88 ap
(photo credit: AP)
Click here to read Livni's bio >>> Strengths Clean politics Following the investigations against PM Ehud Olmert, Israelis want someone who has never had problems with the law and Livni fits the bill. Professionalism Livni is seen as someone who takes a professional approach to every position she holds and keeps politics out of it. New face Unlike her competition, Livni is not a failed prime minister. She was never forced out of the Prime Minister's Office. Pragmatism Her pragmatic approach to foreign policy appeals to center-left voters, a lot of which are undecided at the moment. Weaknesses Inexperienced She hasn't been a prime minister and her time as foreign minister didn't necessarily give her the tools needed for the top job. No economic or security-related experience Livni did not rise to a high position in the IDF, and unlike Netanyahu in particular she neither studied nor tackled economic issues. Personality Livni is lacking in charisma and never quite got along with her own staff. She also has very few friends in politics. No elbows Livni doesn't have the elbows necessary to be PM. In several instances in Israeli politics where she had to push to get ahead, she didn't.