US Jewish leaders call Olmert, express support for two-state solution

On the eve of President George Bush's historic visit to Israel, senior American Jewish leaders called Prime Minister Ehud Olmert on Tuesday and expressed their support for a two-state solution. "These are very difficult and complicated times, but we see an opportunity as you see an opportunity to make real progress toward peace," Marvin Lender, immediate Past Chair of the National Board, Israel Policy Forum told Olmert during the 30 minute conference call. "You heard on this call the support of this group and we can assure you that the American Jewish community supports you, as well." In response, the prime minister assured the leader that he would continue work towards a final settlement with the Palestinians. "The visit of President Bush comes at a very good time to encourage all the parties involved to continue our efforts to reach a regional understanding to conclude an agreement," Olmert said. "We will do everything we can to make serious and genuine efforts to reach an agreement toward a two-state solution, a homeland for the Jewish people and a Palestinian state for the Palestinian people."