UTJ MK Ya'acov Litzman attacked by Slonim hassidim in Jerusalem

MK Ya'acov Litzman, a representativeof the Ger Hassidim in the United Torah Judaism party was attacked Saturday evening by orthodox Jews belonging to the Slonim sect. Allegedly, a group of Slonim hassidic Jews threw food at Litzman, pushed him and tauntingly threw his hat over his head. The attack apparently comes on the heels of the Ger sect's rejection of Meir Porush's mayoral candidacy. Porush lost the rest to investor Nir Barkat, who was elected Jerusalem mayor on Tuesday. The Slonim spiritual leader told his disciples that he will not see any of them privately before they apologize to Litzman. Litzman expressed sorrow for the fact that "a wild bunch from a hassidic sect to which I have helped in the past and will continue to help, have behaved inappropriately." Litzman nevertheless praised the Slonim Rabbi. The MK is expected to give police the names of the men who attacked him on Sunday.