Veteran NU-NRP MK Yitzhak Levy resigns from political life

MK Rabbi Yitzhak Levy resigned from political life on Wednesday in light of the decision of new party Habayit Hayehudi not to conduct primary elections for the upcoming general election. The new party, which is a merger of several right-wing and religious parties, has opted instead for a committee-appointed list. "I have always believed in opening up our ranks and involving the public in choosing the [party] leadership. Unfortunately, that is not the case this time, and I have therefore decided to withdraw my application," Levy said. Levy has been a minister and member of Knesset representing the National Religious Party and National Unity party since the 12th Knesset of 1988. He served as transportation minister, education minister and tourism minister, among other positions. Levy, born in 1947, is a resident of Negev town Kfar Maimon and the father of five.