Who to call for help

Municipal hotlines - #106 Each municipality is running its own help line that can advise citizens where to go locally for emergency assistance and protection. Emotional First Aid - Eran: #1201 Eran's hotline can also connect residents of the besieged area to the local Resilience Centers, which provide psychological and psychiatric counseling. Soldiers call *2201 Israel Trauma Coalition - (02) 672-2618/9 Emergency hotline for new immigrants - 1-800-200-183 Run by the Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI), the hotline provides support and information to immigrants from the Southern region. JAFI is also looking for families from the North and center of the country to host people from the South. Hotline for the elderly - 050-202-0278 or 050-569-8430 Run by the Pensioners Affairs Ministry Helpline for Holocaust Survivors - (03) 525-7888 The helpline is also searching for families that can host survivors from the South and provide other voluntary assistance. Hotline for the hearing impaired - Direct: (03) 730-3355 Text messages or conference calls in sign language: 052-725-1507 E-mail: deaf-israel@bezek.net.il Emergency hotline for the disabled - (03) 941-5540 Information on government-run daycare centers 20 km. from the border: 1-800-200-702 Amuna - hotline for treating families in distress Sderot: (08) 689-9784 Netivot: (08) 993-4811 National Insurance Institute Southern hotline: (08) 674-1111 National information service *6050 Social welfare services will be on 24-hour call at each municipality.