Ya'alon: Topple Iran to end global Jihad

Former chief of staff says removing ayatollahs will deflate terror; warns against Israeli concessions.

yaalon herzliya conference 248 88 (photo credit: Uri Porat)
yaalon herzliya conference 248 88
(photo credit: Uri Porat)
Former IDF chief of staff and Likud knesset candidate Moshe Ya'alon on Tuesday said that there would be no end to global terrorism until the Islamist regime in Iran was removed. Speaking on a panel on terrorism at the Herzliya Conference, Ya'alon asserted that the fall of the ayatollahs would "take the wind out of the sails" of most of the terror organizations around the world. The former chief of staff claimed that this aim could only be achieved if the Iranian people rose up against their rulers in the wake of effective international sanctions, growing isolation and possible military action by the West. Ya'alon also stated that Israel's withdrawals from the Gaza Strip and Lebanon were construed as "victories to Jihad." "History has taught us that capitulating to terror only invites more terror," he said. "In the case of Israel, steadfastness against terror also includes standing firm, without discussing any territorial concessions. We have learned that our concessions over the past 15 years have brought upon us only more terror, rockets and bloodshed."