From the Sketchbook: Clowns to the right of me

A cartoon by Avi Katz.

Painting by Avi Katz (photo credit: AVI KATZ)
Painting by Avi Katz
(photo credit: AVI KATZ)
Pointy hats off to the Israeli medical clowns who flew to Kathmandu to coax a smile out of a Nepalese child... Back at home we've adopted the same approach: When your country is falling apart, make 'em laugh, make 'em laugh.
Motley crew front to back: Prime Minister Netanyahu, a week ago King Bibi, now Fire Sale bibi; new Treasury Minister Moshe Kahlon, first to sign, first to regret it; Ayelet Shaked, Justice Minister to be, who knows bupkes about the law; Naftali Bennett, Education Minister "not of the right not of the left" (ri-i-i-ght); ex-con Arye Deri, Economy Minister; Ya'acov Litzman, Deputy Minister of Health, who can't be a minister because he refuses to take the oath of office; and tagging behind, all those poor Likud clowns who still hope to grab a vacant seat.
Conspicuously absent, veteran jester Avigdor Liberman; but hey, who needs a Foreign Minister anyway?