Appaholic: Kabbala on the go?

Top 5 apps to debunk the confusion surrounding the study of Jewish mysticism, Kabbala.

iphones R 311 (photo credit: REUTERS)
iphones R 311
(photo credit: REUTERS)
The study of Jewish mysticism, Kabbala, has been thrust into the limelight by the likes of Madonna in recent years. But despite celebrity endorsements and the cropping up of dubious Kabbala institutes, few people seem to truly understand what Kabbala is, even on a superficial level. If you're one of them—and don't want to be—we have the solution for you. This week, in lieu of a rabbi, we've assembled the top five smartphone apps to help crack open the world of Kabbala and Jewish mysticism.
Day by day
On the subject of wisdom, there's something to be said about the wisdom of doing things slowly, one day at a time. If you're the type that endorses such an idea, the Daily Kaballah app might be a good idea.
Filled with proverbs and sayings from Kabbala, accompanied by explanations, this app will help you ease yourself into the feel and sound of Jewish mysticism and wisdom.
Cost: $1.99
Supported formats: iPhone, iPod touch, iPad
From the holy city of Safed
Another way to ease into Kabbala might be through the Tzaddik Magazine, which offers one free download with the app-purchase.
This magazine hails from the holy city of Safed, the Kabbala center of both Israel and the world, where the streets are steeped with a love of Jewish learning.
The colorful magazine will both transport you to the setting of Safed through photos and immerse you into the world of Kabbala through insightful articles infused with Jewish spirituality.
Some example titles include: Path of the Just: Stories of Tzaddikim, How Much Does Happiness cost?, The Secret of Constant Joy and A prayer of Desire.
Cost: $1.99
Supported formats: iPhone, iPod touch, iPad
The sound of spirituality
Are you a sonic learner? Love to listen to music on your iPhone? Incorporate Kaballah radio into your daily lineup and passively absorb Kabbala wisdom on your bus ride or car ride to work.
Cost: $0.99
Supported formats: iPhone, iPod touch, iPad
Portable library
Sometimes, one must simply succumb to the fact that without books, there can be no real learning. But breathe easy, you can read all the Kabbala lit you want without touching a single, physical book.
Kabbalah reader is a free app that connects you with a library of Kabbala literature. Titles vary from God Wears Lipstick to 72 Names of God and range in price from between 10 to 20 dollars. Explore at will.
Cost: Free (books cost to purchase)
Supported formats: iPhone, iPod touch, iPad
It all comes down to the numbers
Words in Hebrew all have numerical values. The assigning of such numerical values (based on number-letter values) is referred to as Gematria. The iGematria app will calculate the numerical value of a name or word and find the corresponding Torah verses or words with the same value.
Gematria is often employed in Kabbala study. More than that, lets be real for a moment:  It's fun to calculate the numerical value of your name and your friends' names and make more personal connections to the Torah. So, meet iGematria app, take a load off, wax narcissistic for a moment, and explore your own mystical connections.
Cost: $2.99
Supported formats: iPhone, iPod touch, iPad
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