China and Israel - scarily similar, or worlds apart?

Exclusive video interview: Harvard graduate Manuela Zoninsein writes for a wide range of news publications in her quest to become a journalist.

Manuela Zoninsein 311 (photo credit: Courtesy)
Manuela Zoninsein 311
(photo credit: Courtesy)
A native to Brazil and raised in Illinois, Manuela Zoninsein manages to combine numerous aspects of heritage by reflecting them in work and her writing. Already a graduate of Harvard University, Manuela is also an ROI Alumna and was accepted to continue her studies on China's agricultural policies in the pursuit of an MSc at Oxford University beginning October 2010.
Zoninsein currently writes and covers for a wide range of news publications, from which she is launching her thriving career as a journalist.
In this exclusive video, Zoninsein speaks about the similarities and differences between Israel and China. "I think Chinese [people] and Israelis have a lot of interesting similarities, I got out of the airport in Tel Aviv and immediately had to start bargaining with the cab driver, and coming from China that was perfectly natural."
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This interview briefly introduces you to Manuela's aspirations and what continues to drive her interest into what she believes is "the biggest story for the rest of her life."