'Deep down, all humans are religious'

Video: Rabbi Cardozo on his spiritual journey.

Rabbi Cardoza (photo credit: Leadel.NET)
Rabbi Cardoza
(photo credit: Leadel.NET)
Prominent author, lecturer, and spiritual leader Rabbi Dr. Nathan Lopes Cardozo is a regular lecturer and speaker at more than 50 learning institutions around the world. Known primarily for his “original insights into Judaism,” Rabbi Cordozo has a rare and unique ability to communicate Jewish identity and values in the 21st century.
A student of several theological philosophies, Rabbi Cardozo is currently the Dean of the David Cardozo Academy for Jewish Studies and Human Dignity, as well as Associate Dean of the Isralight Institute in Jerusalem.
Expression without words
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In this exclusive video, Rabbi Cardozo speaks of his secular upbringing and memories of studying the philosophies of Baruch Spinoza with his father. He goes on to discuss his own spiritual path, ideas of spiritual satisfaction, freedom and time.
For Rabbi Cardozo, "truth reflects itself in many different ways," and everyone has experienced a sense of mystery in their lives that enhances their quest for divine truth and self-discovery.