Expression without words

Video interview with dancer Dana Ruttenberg.

Dana Ruttenberg (photo credit: Dudu Bachar)
Dana Ruttenberg
(photo credit: Dudu Bachar)
What if you could express yourself without words? Israeli-born dancer and choreographer Dana Ruttenberg chooses to do so through dance because translating emotion into movement is her way of “being in charge.”
Choreography, says Rottenberg, “gives me an order that is lacking in the world right now.”
Rottenberg graduated from Thelma Yelin High-school, the most renowned school for Performing Arts in Israel. She then attended Columbia University and graduated with a BA in Dance. While in New York, Ruttenberg was the Artistic Director of her dance troupe, The Red Hill Project.
Since her return to Israel in 2003, Dana has been choreographing at the Batsheva Dance Company, among many other dance companies.
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Ruttenberg's latest innovation called ‘Naba,’ is short for Na-Baozen. It literally means “moving through the ear” but is also an expression which can mean “in your face.” Dana describes it as a “unique project that for the first time ever, as far as I know, uses audio guides to let the audience select their own soundtrack for a piece.”
Naba is Dana’s way of involving the audience on a new level and allowing the viewer to become creative. So during a dance piece, one could choose to put on a slow song, or the dancer’s bio, or nothing at all, depending on the viewer’s taste and mood.
Video courtesy of Jewish think-tank Leadel.NET