The rhythm of life via music and business

Video interview with leading Israeli conductor.

Itay Talgam 311 (photo credit: Tapio Liller)
Itay Talgam 311
(photo credit: Tapio Liller)
Who would have thought of associating music with management? Itay Talgam has an original way of linking business with music in his unique lectures, using the parallel of the organized behavior required for a successful orchestra or in the case of business, for a thriving enterprise.
Talgam, originally from Tel Aviv, was born in 1958 and today is one of the leading figures in the Israeli music scene. He received his Artist Diploma in conducting from the Jerusalem Rubin Academy in 1987 and made his international debut that same year at the Paris Orchestra while performing with the famous Maestro Leonard Bernstein.
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That very successful concert established him as a leading musical conductor in both Israel and Europe which led to many more concerts in Europe, Russia and the US. Talgam's achievements received wide recognition in 1994 when he was awarded an honorary prize for his personal contribution in performing and promoting Israeli music by Israel’s Composers Association.
In addition to teaching orchestral conducting at Tel-Aviv University and the Academy for Music and Dance in Jerusalem,  Talgam's currently serves as Music Director of the Tel-Aviv Symphony Orchestra. His unique perspective on music as a model for inspired leadership drives him to give seminars and workshops on the workings of the symphony orchestra.