Tisha Be'av: A day of fasting and lament

Photo gallery: Jewish worshipers across Israel come together to fast, pray and reflect on destruction of both First and Second Temples.

Tisha B'Av (photo credit: Reuters)
Tisha B'Av
(photo credit: Reuters)
Tisha Be'av, one of Judaism's two full fast days along with Yom Kippur, is traditionally the date in the Jewish calendar on which the First and Second Temples were destroyed, respectively in the sixth century BCE by the Babylonians and the first century CE by the Romans.

Tisha Be'Av signifies the end of three weeks of mourning. Considered the saddest day of the year, many sit on the ground in discomfort to recall the destruction of the Temples.
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Tisha Be'av and the following day. According to a 1997 law passed by the Knesset, those that are open are subject to fines.The book of Eicha (Lamentations) was read during the evening at the Kotel.  This gallery showcases photographs of thousands of mourners in Jerusalem's Old City, young and old alike.