Weekly Schmooze: ScarJo is strong and silent against BDS

Jewish culture news worldwide: Joan Rivers' top 10 reasons to love Israel; "Seinfeld" reunion for the Super Bowl; Listen up, Philip – Roth? Drakes 3rd Bar Mitzva; Lena strikes a pose.

Scarlett Johansson as pitchwoman for SodaStream. (photo credit: Courtesy)
Scarlett Johansson as pitchwoman for SodaStream.
(photo credit: Courtesy)

The Super Bowl is less than two weeks away, which means that Super Bowl ad talk is only beginning. We know Scarlett Johansson is going to star in Israeli seltzer giant SodaStream's ad, but the BDS talk against her is heating up. Anti-Israel site "Electronic Intifada" (I won't link to them, sorry) pointed out that Johansson is also an Oxfam ambassador, and that the NGO dropped Kristin Davis for being an Ahava spokeswoman. Meanwhile, The New York Post's Benny Avni wrote an op-ed saying Johansson is standing up to BDS-ers. What he didn't specify in the article is that she hasn't released any statements on the matter, but she hasn't pulled out of the SodaStream deal, and that is a statement in of itself.


In other Super Bowl news, Jerry Seinfeld and Jason Alexander were spotted reuniting at Tom's Restaurant in Manhattan, known from the opening credits of "Seinfeld" and this Suzanne Vega song, for a photo shoot. The New York Daily News reports they were there to film a Super Bowl ad. Seinfeld and Alexander kept mum. We'll have to wait and see!

Philip Lewis Friedman is a neurotic, self-involved Jewish author with relationship troubles, who's spending the summer at the home an older, also Jewish mentor. Yes, Phillip is living the plot of Philip Roth's The Ghost Writer, but he's also the title character of upcoming indie movie "Listen Up, Philip" starring Jason Schwartzman as said author. If the plot and the name Philip aren't enough to make you think of Roth, the film's title is written in the same recognizable font as the cover of Portnoy's Complaint.

Schmooze readers know Lena Dunham is this month's Vogue cover girl, and Jezebel readers know she was photoshopped within an inch of her life, but now the fashion magazine revealed how the "Girls" writer\director\star prepared for her close-up. Dunham and Vogue international editor-at-large Hamish Bowles practiced their poses in this hilarious clip in which they make like Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford and say Shalom – Shalom Harlow, that is.

Speaking of "Girls," check out the latest episode of Joan Rivers' online show "In bed with Joan," with guest Shiri Appleby. The "Roswell" star who recently guested on "Girls" and had some Jewish girl talk about the meaning of their names – Joan claims hers means "whiner," and Shiri's, of course, means "my song" – about cooking Jewish food and, of course,

Rivers, by the way, appeared on this week's season premiere of Israeli comedy show ”Matzav HaUma" (State of the Nation), which was filmed in New York. The show's hosts Lior Schleien joked that she was the only person they can find to say she loves Israel, because "she's used to saying scandalous things no one else wants to say." "If they don't love you, tell them to go f*ck themselves. Everybody I know loves Israel, but I'm not very popular," Rivers added before listing  the top 10 ways to say "I love Israel." The two also discussed how Moses is "in bed or out."

On the topic of female Jewish comedians who don't shy away from a dirty joke, we can't forget Sarah Silverman. Silverman may be a proud Jew, but she can't resist a good Jesus joke. After all, she wrote and starred in a movie called "Jesus is Magic." This time, though, her Jesus humor is political, and she's using him to talk about allowing abortions in the US. In the following NSFW (for salty language, this is Sarah Silverman we're talking about) clip, Jesus visits the comedienne in her apartment and tells her to spread his message, which includes: "Fertilized eggs aren't people. People are people." Meanwhile, in Israel, the Health Ministry recommended abortions be fully subsidized. Maybe Sarah should make aliya, spend more time with her sister…

Drake has had a lot of Bar Mitzvas. First, he had one when he turned 13. Then he re-bar-mitzva'ed himself in his music video for HYFR, which featured clips from the original coming of age soiree. Now, the Jewish rapper from Toronto is on to Bar Mitzva number three, this time on SNL last weekend. Lorne Michaels and co. even managed to find Drake an outfit just like what he wore when he was 13. He talks about being from Toronto ("where the rappers are polite and the mayor smokes crack"), starring in "Degrassi," and being black and Jewish.

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