Weekly Schmooze: Thanksgivukka is here!

Jewish culture news worldwide: Parody videos galore for the Hanukka, Thanksgiving and both at the same time.

Mila Kunis 390 (photo credit: REUTERS)
Mila Kunis 390
(photo credit: REUTERS)
As with any other Jewish holiday, the Schmooze has the best holiday videos lined up, but since today is two holidays (though only one is Jewish) there's even more fun than usual.
First of all, to clear up some confusion: If you plan on living until 2070, you will experience Thanksgivukka again, as JPost Night Editor Amy Spiro recently cleared up. Still, it doesn't happen very often, so let's have latkes with cranberry sauce and watch the Macy's Day Parade while playing dreidel!
Let's start our playlist with some songs that are only about Hanukka: Kicking off the list is the a capella group that popularized the genre: The Maccabeats. The Yeshiva University group covered Jewish-British singer Elie Goulding's "Burn" and came under fire for implying in their video that Greek Organizations (read: fraternities and sororities) are bullies. They apologized soon after, though.
Israeli a capella sensation Kippalive – you may recognize them from the local version of the X Factor - did a mashup of "Maoz Tsur" and other songs with an adorable little kid in cooperation with rabbinical organization Beit Hillel:
For something a little spicier, check out comedienne Rachel Bloom's cover of Christmas classic "Santa Baby," titled "Chanukah Honey." Bloom trades in some Jewish dating stereotypes ("You got your MBA from Penn, Amen!" and "So tall – you must be 5'8" and "By the way, I think our parents have mutual friends") and has an especially salty final lyric that's NSFW.
On a similar note, though only somewhat related to Hanukka, there's a new tumblr called "Porn4Jews," which actually is not pornographic at all, but is hilarious.
  And now for Thanksgivukka: What if the holiday was a confusing romantic comedy? Comedian Nick Kroll shows us:
A capella group Six13 has an epic hair-metal ballad-esque song explaining this wonderful double-holiday, which also seems to be inspired by Tenacious D's "Tribute."
The Buba Myses, the "Jewish puppet rock band" (yes, such a thing exists) sang a tribute to Thanksgivukka to the tune of Britney Spears and Will.I.Am's "Scream and Shout."
Comedian Benji Lovitt suggests some new traditions in his song "Thanksgivukka Pie," to the tune of the Don McLean classic:
Pella Productions and pro-Israel organization StandWithUs traveled across the US to spread Thanksgivukka cheer in a cover of Amicii's "Wake Me Up" mashed-up with Idan Reichel's Mimaamakim:
Finally, we have "Oils," a Thanksgivukka tribute by Big Teeth Productions, who don't actually seem to know anything about Hanukka or how to pronounce words related to the holiday, to the tune of teen indie-pop star Lorde's "Royals:"
Now a Hanukka gift for Schmooze readers: Buzzfeed ranked the 45 hottest Jewish women in Hollywood. Unsurprisingly, Mila Kunis came out on top, but there are some surprises on the way.
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