'World domination is in our mission statement'

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Martin Kace 311 (photo credit: Katrina Astrom)
Martin Kace 311
(photo credit: Katrina Astrom)
After a freak spinal accident ten years ago, psychologist Martin Kace decided to turn his life around, and find himself to a job that he “loved coming into every morning.”
So he founded Empax, a group of creative professionals, who help non-profit organizations by giving them business-quality communication tools, strategies and visuals.
“World domination is in our mission statement,” Kace tells Leadel in this exclusive interview.  “It's really, really simple.  It's global domination, Empax. Global Domination.”
Martin serves on a number of boards, among them Creative Time and the Tel Aviv Museum International Board of Governors. He holds Bachelor’s Degrees in Psychology and English Literature from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, and two Masters’ Degrees in Psychology from Columbia University. He is married to Bella Meyer, and has several children.
Kace resides in New York but says he becomes alive in a different way when in Tel Aviv.
He shares that he originally wanted to gear the business towards fixing Israel's image, but admits that it has “a real problem.”
Aside from the big issues, he says in the interview, “Israelis have terrible manners, by and large... In business meetings they're always at a loss at what to say for the first ten minutes of a meeting. Israelis don't make small talk. Israelis only know big talk and in getting right to the point. So the essence... is that Israel is the place that gets the job done.”
Video courtesy of Jewish think-tank Leadel.NET
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