Auschwitz prisoners' note discovered

A message written by Nazi prisoners and placed in a bottle was discovered by builders working near the site of the Auschwitz death camp. The bottle was discovered April 20 hidden in a concrete wall in a school that prisoners had been forced to reinforce, according to an Auschwitz museum official. The official told reporters Tuesday that the message was written in pencil, dated Sept. 9, 1944, and signed by seven inmates from Poland and France. At least two survived the Holocaust, the official said. "They were young people who were trying to leave some trace of their existence behind them," said the museum spokesman. The note's authenticity has been verified and the museum will receive the note next month. Meanwhile, the Czech government on Tuesday voted to contribute about $100,000 toward the repair and upkeep of the former death camp. It is the second country after Germany to promise funds following a Polish plea for help.