Gunshots fired at Oslo synagogue

None wounded in attack; building damaged; Israeli consulate ups security.

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A shooting at an Oslo synagogue on Sunday caused damage to the building but wounded no one. Police who arrived on the scene after the incident identified at least ten bullet holes in the shul's windows and exterior wall. The identity of the shooter was unknown and he has yet to be apprehended, although passers-by reported that they saw the gunman fleeing the scene immediately after the shooting. According to the Norwegian press, the attack prompted the Israeli consulate in Oslo to up its security measures. In the past few months, Oslo has been the scene of a number of anti-Semitic and anti-Zionist incidents, including an attack on the synagogue last month, where an unknown perpetrator smashed glass windows and scrawled graffiti on the site after defecating near the entrance. Sunday's shooting came less than a week after an Al Qaida plot targeting the site was uncovered. Following the exposure of an Italian cell's intention to attack the synagogue, police had said that they would take steps to secure the synagogue, but did not detail what they intended to do. Michael Freund contributed to this report.