Mayor thanks JNF-UK for Sderot Park

Ambassador to the UK Ron Prosor commends mayor David Buskila for his "courage, hard work and leadership."

ron prosor 248 88 (photo credit: Courtesy)
ron prosor 248 88
(photo credit: Courtesy)
LONDON - Ambassador to the UK Ron Prosor has paid tribute to Sderot Mayor David Buskila, who is in London to thank the British Jewish community for the town's new park, built with contributions to the Jewish National Fund-UK. Speaking to JNF leaders and donors at a breakfast in his honor at the ambassador's home on Friday, Prosor commended the mayor for his "courage, hard work and leadership." "You are a leader and set an example for many in Israel and abroad and show what is true leadership literally under fire," he said. Buskila described the impact the park has had on Sderot's residents and gave a candid description of life in the beleaguered Negev town. "I am here to see all of you and tell you from the bottom of my heart that our children appreciate all you have done. We have found real friends and I will keep this strong connection for all the time that I am mayor. Thank you for what you have done, I salute you," he said. The mayor spoke about the missile attacks on the town, and how residents have only 15 seconds to reach a shelter when alerts are sounded. "Children born in Sderot in the last eight years don't know any other reality, they don't know what it is to play outside, they know only Kassam rockets and bomb shelters, but now they have this park," Buskila said. Sderot Park was officially opened last month and was the initiative of JNF UK Chairman Samuel Hayek, who visited Sderot during Operation Cast Lead. Speaking at the event, Hayek also paid tribute to Buskila. "You are a phenomenal man, a true leader, a general without a uniform. You are in the forefront of everything," Hayek said. "You have transformed the face of this town. We have helped you as we feel we are brothers and sisters of everyone in Sderot and we feel very proud to have helped to build this park." Hayek said the second stage of the work of JNF UK will be to build a playground adjacent to the park as well as develop the promenade at the entrance to the town.