Artificial Intelligence- The future of Digital Marketing

AI also makes it possible to operate a learning machine that builds automated models that allow you to predict the next step of the customer and what other interests may be of interest to him.

Shlomi Haybi, Founder & CEO, Jeeng Ltd (photo credit: JPOST STAFF)
Shlomi Haybi, Founder & CEO, Jeeng Ltd
(photo credit: JPOST STAFF)
In recent years, the efforts of digital marketing companies have taken a significant turn by using artificial intelligence technologies. One of the major problems that marketers are facing is how to personalize the content to users and generate better experience and results. Lately several startups developed AI technologies that aimed to help marketer solving this problem. The vast amount of information collected about users is used by advertising systems dominated by the big players such as: Google and Facebook. However, most businesses are having difficulties to use AI technologies to improve their digital marketing.
The great challenge that any marketing manager faces is how to tailor the message to the customer in a personalized way that is fits to each user according to interests, purchase intent and the right timing.
What is Artificial Intelligence Marketing?
Artificial Intelligence Marketing (AI Marketing) allows you to leverage the data collected on users or customers to tailor the content or messages to the user profile so that the content presented to the user is tailored to their interests at the time relevant to the user and their purchase intent. Artificial intelligence also makes it possible to operate a learning machine that builds automated models that allow you to predict the next step of the customer and what other interests may be of interest to him.
A number of Israeli companies provide artificial intelligence-based solutions in the digital marketing world.
One of the interesting companies operating in this market is Jeeng Ltd, which, by using artificial intelligence and NLP analysis allows marketers to send content notifications tailored to each user according to his profile and reading habits in any of the channels of communication such as: browser, mobile, newsletter and more. Using Jeeng every user receives the exact content on the tight time.
"Companies that use artificial intelligence solutions provide their customers with a different, personalized experience and actually succeed to provide advanced experienced to their users such as the big players like Google and Facebook" says Jeeng’s CEO Shlomi Haybi.
What Are the Benefits of Artificial Intelligence Marketing?
Artificial Intelligence marketing is widely accepted by marketers for the insights it provides. According to a recent PwC study, about 72% of marketers see a significant improvement in business results as a result of the use of various artificial intelligence-based products.
With artificial intelligence, marketers can take data analysis to a new level to understand people individually.
The main benefits are:
1. Customize messages
2. Automated marketing processes that save time and money
3. Reducing marketing process errors
4. Increase user experience
5. Significantly improve marketing results
Another important channel is email marketing that many businesses use extensively but unsuccessfully however the use of artificial intelligence can change the situation. One of the leading companies in the field is PowerInbox, which enables publishers with email marketing solutions tailored to users.
 “Email users and other channels allow content sites to send users relevant, real-time content and preserve the important 1-1 relationships that drive loyalty.” Says Jeff Kupietzky , PowerInbox CEO
Another capability that enables artificial intelligence technology is to tailor the messages to the customer according to emotional state and by analyzing the client's intent and allowing representatives and sometimes bots to communicate with the client in a natural language tailored to the client.
"Being able to analyze the messages being published and personalize it to each user in real time, taking into account hundreds of global parameters such as trends, seasonality, delivery times and more, actually allows you to create a personal relationship with each user and improve business results without delay" says Shlomi Haybi  Jeeng CEO
Marketing solutions based on artificial intelligence are the future of the marketing world and will enable personal contact with each customer.