Cook like you’re in the movies: Hollywood stars kitchens revealed

The kitchen is the most important room in house, it’s not for nothing that Hollywood stars choose to invest huge amounts of money in hiring the best designers in the world to work on it.

Cook like you’re in the movies (photo credit: Courtesy)
Cook like you’re in the movies
(photo credit: Courtesy)
One of the most noticeable elements in the kitchen is the work surface, which plays a central role there on a daily basis. Come on with us and with the experts we have assembled especially for you on a virtual trip to the most famous kitchens and let’s learn from them what the hottest trends, the most preferred materials and the most attractive styles are.

Kylie Jenner

The American reality TV star is also a half-sister of the famous Kardashian family.
Jenner was first seen on screen in the popular reality show that follows the Kardashians.
She is also a fashion designer, a successful entrepreneur in the field of cosmetics, a model for a variety of designers, and of course an Instagram star - and she’s only 20 years old!
Jenner lives in Hidden Hills, California, and she has a fancy house in Malibu which has an amazing kitchen.
Simple, Classy, Elegant and Clever: Kylie’s Kitchen
The kitchen is designed simply but in a classy manner, it has a look that is elegant but clever.
Elad Bar-Ami, one of the managers of the Bar-Ami Group, which has worked in this area for years, says: “The counters in the kitchen are pure marble--a real natural stone that was imported specially from Italy--a look which gives the kitchen its bright and open atmosphere. The white, grey and cream colors of the marble, together with the black veins, which blend harmoniously with a large amount of big, white storage cupboards.”
The kitchen’s ceiling is so high that the tallest cupboards are only accessible through a step stool on wheels, like the kind that you might find in an old library.
The bright and open pine parquet floor completes the bright look the kitchen has, as it looks out onto the open estate garden, which has a private vineyard and golf course.
Kylie Jenner's kitchen (Medium)
Kylie Jenner's kitchen (Medium)

Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas

These are two famous actors, who have received many prizes and much praise, who have starred in a multitude of well-known movies.
The couple has been married since 200 and live together in their New York residence, and are parents to two children aged 18 and 15.
Their Gothic style New York apartment has a regal look.
Royal, Daring, Pleasant and Dramatic: Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas’s Kitchen
Under large dark wooden beams is a royal, Victorian kitchen heavily ornamented and in black and white colors.
Bar-Ami further adds, “The work surfaces along the walls are made of bright granite which is supported by dark wooden cupboards, while the island in the center proudly sports black granite which rests on ornamented legs which are painted white. Together they create a particularly dramatic contrast. The floor tiles also have an alternating black and white pattern, and thus the effect the kitchen has as a whole is bold, it’s daring but pleasant.”
Catherine Zeta-Jones's kitchen (Instagram)
Catherine Zeta-Jones's kitchen (Instagram)

Kendall Jenner

Kylie’s older sister is also a television personality of whom we were all made aware through the Kardashians and their reality show.
After establishing a venerable Instagram account, Kendal now models for big companies such as Victoria’s Secret and other famous designers at well-respected exhibitions in Milan, Paris and New York.
Minimalist, Natural, Complicated and Delicate: Kendall Jenner’s Kitchen
Kendall Jenner’s famous kitchen is actually in her previous house, in the lucrative Westwood neighborhood of Los Angelis.
The kitchen is designed in a particularly minimalist style, it is only a little bit larger than your average home kitchen and has a few cupboards, some basic appliances and a portable island (the kitchen’s real hit).
The cupboards proudly sport a texture which comes from real wooden boards that are brownish-grayish in color which go well with the grey marble countertops.
“The work surfaces and the island are made of bright American granite that has a grayish shade and a complicated but delicate texture," Elad tells us and adds “They complement the cupboards’ colors and the floor tiles’ colors, which are also made out of natural stone.”
The whole kitchen is designed sparingly and efficiently in terms of space within the storage areas, the work surface and the various appliances (among them are a double freezer and fridge and a high quality oven).
Kendall Jenner's kitchen (Zillow)
Kendall Jenner's kitchen (Zillow)

Natalie Portman

The half-Israeli actress is well-known mainly for the complicated roles she plays and her stunning performances on the silver screen for more than twenty years.
Recently she was severely criticized by Israeli politicians for refusing to receive an award in Jerusalem, but she is still considered one of the most acclaimed and most respected actresses in Hollywood.
Modern, dramatic, bold and open: Natalie Portman’s Kitchen
Portman’s house is an unmatched wonder of modern design.
It has a stunning location—on the coast of Montecito, California—which gives it a wide open view  in the direction of the Pacific Ocean.
The entire house is engineered to be open, as if the whole thing is out of doors, while the side facing the ocean is made up of floor to ceiling glass windows that are five meters high.
The kitchen looks like a continuation of the balcony, except for it being under one giant and bright roof.
It has a modern, dramatic and bold look, it is completely open and is not inclosed by walls.
Next to a spacious sitting area with a counter that seats three people, there is another relatively small kitchen that leans against one single wall that stands independently within the space.
The entire kitchen looks industrial, with grey metallic colors and sharp clear lines, much like the high glass and metal ceiling.
“The work surfaces are made of natural grey marble with black crooked lines,” Elad describes, ”White and grey blend together and create a truly special look, which the counter and work surface also have.”
Under the modern work surface are some black, simple looking cupboards, with some minimalistic drawers for storage.
Natalie Portman's kitchen (Courtesy)
Natalie Portman's kitchen (Courtesy)

Cameron Diaz’s Kitchen

Cameron Diaz is a veteran actress who has worked on many beloved films like Charlie’s Angels, as well as several well-known voiceover rolls like Fiona in Shrek.


With more than twenty years of experience in Hollywood, Diaz is one of the most famous actresses in the world.
Modern, vintage, Delicate and pleasant: Cameron Diaz’s kitchen
Diaz is a great lover of design, which is why she chose the bold and famous interior designer Kelly Wearstler, who has worked on many homes of celebrities on the West Coast, for her apartment in New York.
Together they created an outstanding apartment which proudly displays a vintage style with touches of modernity, which is pleasant to look at (and probably to live in).
The kitchen is most certainly the most prominent feature of the home which she created together with Wearstler. The kitchen is vintage and “feels like a jewelry box padded with silk,” says Diaz.
The kitchen cupboards are bottle green, the floor is made of black teak wood, the ceiling is cream-colored and has a dainty chandelier hanging from it, but the true emphasis is on the work surface.
“It’s not just a marble kitchen countertop, since they are not made of stone at all. All of the work surfaces in the kitchen are made out of brass,”
Elad remarks. “The brass covering ornaments the work surface, the wall behind it and the sink. They all look like they were made from one piece of shiny, pleasant-looking, yellow-colored metal and blend well with the green and black cupboards and floor.”
The dining room is near the kitchen, with a large dining table in it that is also made from a shiny continuous piece of brass.
Cameron Diaz's kitchen (Courtesy)
Cameron Diaz's kitchen (Courtesy)