Israeli and European Jewish entrepreneurs to meet in Europe

Israeli and European Jewish entrepreneurs to meet in Vienna.

Hillel Fuld and Benjamin Ruschin (photo credit: Courtesy)
Hillel Fuld and Benjamin Ruschin
(photo credit: Courtesy)
The 110 HUB, a platform for young Israeli and European Jewish professionals to meet, network and gain professional and personal advancement in the realms of innovation and technology will meet in Vienna from February 7 to 10.
Founders Rabbi Moshe and Tova Starik said they hope participants at the “Startup Nation Meets Europe Conference” will forge partnerships, develop startups in both countries, and enhance the future of their careers by breaking into the international market. 
The Stariks said they developed 110 HUB to provide a place for Jewish professionals to grow, learn, share and meet others.  The organization’s events offer intensive professional development, as well as career networking opportunities where participants acquire critical knowledge in topics such as business technology and improving business and marketing skills.
The number of Israeli businessmen relocating or visiting Europe is increasing, according to the Stariks. 
“Spread out across Europe are hundreds of young Jews, contributing members of their communities who work and seek a like-minded group that shares their values, traditions, goals, and interests,” explained Tova Starik. “Living in Vienna, we receive numerous appeals and inquiries from Israeli startups and companies seeking to break into the international market, as well as from European entrepreneurs interested in developing and growing their businesses by collaborating with Israelis. This motivated us to host the upcoming Startup Nation Meets Europe Conference.”
Among the lecturers will be Hillel Fuld, strategic advisor and hi-tech journalist. Dubbed Israel's top marketer, he collaborates with leading global brands as Google, Oracle and Huawei, as well as tech entrepreneurs, investors and visionaries, whom he takes from brainstorm to revenue. 
Fuld’s late brother, Ari Fuld, was murdered last fall in a terrorist attack in Gush Etzion. Fuld said his brother became “posthumously famous for his use of technology in spreading advocacy messages on behalf of Israel. 
“He wasn’t backed by any particular group or party, but was a man who deeply cared, who utilized his advanced tech skills and tools to champion for Israel,” Fuld continued. “I appreciate and strongly advocate for the powerful impact of technology in business.”
At the conference, Fuld will outline the inner workings of Israel’s hi-tech industry, giving the audience tools and connecting them to the right people and places. 
“This Conference is both excellent public relations for Israel and a tremendous contribution to Europe’s economy,” Fuld said.
Other lecturers include Benjamin Ruschin, co-founder and managing director of WeAreDevelopers, a startup specializing in connecting developers and corporations.  WeAreDevelopers hosts the world’s largest annual developers’ congress in Berlin with more 10,000 participants. Ruschin will be spotlight the essentials of high-speed leadership in building a successful startup.
Sagi (Jay) Zilbershatz, CEO of Secret Vienna and Zilbershatz Consulting and CEO of SocialWorkHUB, will speak on the topic of “Tools for Building a Business from Scratch.”
“Our goal is that Israeli and European participants, who span the spectrum of the business world, will relate to and benefit from the innovative concepts addressed at the conference,” said conference coordinator Keren Szeles. “For this, we’ve recruited a distinguished lineup of CEOs and field experts who will share fascinating perspectives on innovation and creativity and spread the message of how to succeed in the professional world today, based on their experiences and successes.”