Israeli Love Affair with the Online Casino Industry

With this in mind, let's take a look at the men behind the iGaming scenes, what their roles are and how they have changed the world of online gambling in dynamic ways from Israel.

Poker game  (photo credit: INGIMAGE / ASAP)
Poker game
(photo credit: INGIMAGE / ASAP)
Israel is one of the most beautiful countries holding a massive historic value. The rise of Israel's popularity stems from tourists' appreciation and cultural interest in this region. Surprisingly enough, the country also had an interesting relationship with online gambling throughout the years. What is even more surprising than a modernized tourist destination and its relation to the iGaming industry is the influential businessmen that seem to steer the online gambling ship in the right direction. The online gambling industry is huge within Israel and yet the laws are rather complicated regarding certain aspects of this niche. There are however, corporate figures that had a hand in the development and success of gambling brands and casino software. Their success is evident by means of public services and speaking, advising the public about how Israel has a positive effect on gambling.
With this in mind, let's take a look at the men behind the iGaming scenes, what their roles are and how they have changed the world of online gambling in dynamic ways from Israel.
Teddy Sagi
Teddy Sagi is one of the online casino industry’s largest entrepreneurs. The man behind the magic founded Playtech, a leading online gaming brand known to online players around the world. Playtech provides software to online casinos on a global scale supporting the best gambling experiences through enhanced visuals, sound and gaming quality. Teddy is worth $3.6 billion and has also been known to get profits from advertising and estate investments.
Playtech is one of the top casino gaming brands promoting legitimate online casinos and attracting loyal members to safe and secure websites. The software allows mobile players to access to live casino games, games and casino accounts all from a quick tap of a button.
Avi and Aaron Shaked, Shay and Ron Ben-Yitzhak
Two sets of Israeli brothers founded one of the largest online casino companies,, which is one of the most popular options for online casino and poker games on the net. The company is fast expanding and has even landed a contract with the NFL New York Jets, gaining widespread attention and raking in profits that resulted in millions of dollars in. The brothers own and operate the Israeli brand; however, the company is based in Gibraltar and trades on the London Stock exchange,  enhancing the appeal of the successful company.
The increased success over the past decade has proven how the future of will remain steadfast and change with the times to increase its number of members to keep the brand a thriving one.
Sheldon Adelson
The love affair with gambling stretches across the ocean to land based casinos. One of Las Vegas' most successful casino entrepreneurs is Sheldon Adelson - a man with a strong business sense. Not only is Sheldon the chairman and CEO of Las Vegas Sands Corporation, but he is also the founder. As such, he owns the Marina Bay Sands located in Singapore, which is just as successful as the legends casino ownership.
Worth over $3 billion, Adelson has proven he has a head for gambling, investment and even politics. He has a passion for Israel and is known to being one of the biggest cash donors to Israeli political ventures. It goes without saying that Adelson has a personal connection to Israel. Being a Jewish follower, Sheldon has been quoted saying the connection lies with his father who had the desire to travel to the country which unfortunately never happened as his father became too frail and ill to do so. This was revealed to a charity organization that flies Jewish teenagers to the state every year, a charity fund Sheldon is proud to be a member of.
It is evident that Israel holds some of the most intriguing casino history and seems to be breeding casino investors who have more talent than just having good luck. With the media looking into the birth of some of the biggest gaming brands, owners and names within the industry, we can only assume one of the greatest countries in the world will be honouring the public with new business opportunities with the online casino gaming industry.