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Rhett & Link first signed a cooperation agreement with Wix last October.

Cyber hackers [illustrative] (photo credit: REUTERS)
Cyber hackers [illustrative]
(photo credit: REUTERS)
At the last minute, Wix decided for the fourth consecutive year to air an ad during the Super Bowl. It featured YouTube personalities, Rhett & Link.
“Wix received the offer to advertise during the fourth quarter at 6:00 a.m., and 19 hours later, the ad was ready,” Wix vice president of marketing Omer Shai said. “I am so proud to be part of such a talented team that can jump at such an opportunity. We decided to expand our collaboration with two of our favorite Internet stars, Rhett & Link, who are the creators of the most-watched daily Internet program. They are also Wix users, Wix fans, and they help our expanding online audience connect with traditional TV viewers. Rhett & Link are representative of Wix’s objective: to transform your creativity and passion into your brand and business.”
Rhett & Link first signed a cooperation agreement with Wix last October.
“We always said we might return to the Super Bowl, but we didn’t think it’d be this quickly,” Shai said. “Although we have decided to focus on Internet marketing efforts, this opportunity for television advertising allows us to connect digital talent to a television audience on the biggest stage, and we win in both worlds.”
In Jerusalem’s Mahaneh Yehuda market, MassChallenge Israel is bringing together entrepreneurs with key people from the hi-tech industry in Israel and abroad, providing them with free offices to work from and connecting them with investors. All these activities are carried out on a voluntary basis, without the requirement to receive rights from the nonprofit enterprises, as accelerators usually require.
MassChallenge is a nonprofit start-up accelerator that helps develop start-ups designed to contribute to humanity and the world, such as technology that helps people cope with various disabilities.
AI challenge winner
An Israeli start-up specializing in neurological disorders is the winner of Henry Ford Health System’s first-ever artificial intelligence (AI) challenge. Montfort (Mon4T) has developed a real-time brain monitor that uses smartphone technology to conduct, record and analyze data from tests for patients with various neurological disorders.
Henry Ford Innovations, the multidisciplinary team responsible for leveraging Henry Ford’s intellectual property, issued the challenge last fall as part of its Global Technology Development Program, which is now under way in Israel. Backed by a generous grant from the William Davidson Foundation, the program is designed to identify cutting-edge health-care technologies from Israel and co-develop and launch them in the US health-care market. Montfort was chosen from a pool of more than 50 applicants.
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Translated by Hannah Hochner.