Podcast booking services and podcast guesting benefits

A broadcasting room at Israel Radio (photo credit: COURTESY IBA)
A broadcasting room at Israel Radio
(photo credit: COURTESY IBA)
There is a “new” way for businesses and marketers to get access to new audiences, generate leads and sales, and improve Google search engine optimization rankings: podcast guesting.
But what is podcast guesting?
Simply put, podcast guesting is a content marketing tactic whereby you (or your client) get booked for an interview as a guest expert on established podcast shows.
It works similar to how authors, experts and celebrities get booked on television and radio shows. Except in this case, you are getting booked on audio podcasts to provide advice and tips related to your expertise and experience.
Aside from personal brand building, exposure, and authority building, the search engine benefits of podcast guesting via podcast booking services are well documented.
There are other many other benefits to hiring a podcast booking agency.
Let’s explore them.
An established podcast booking agency already has access to hundreds (more likely thousands) of podcast shows and hosts.  With these relationships, you’ll be able to immediately get to access to highly engaged audiences which can amount to hundreds or thousands of highly targeted listeners. 
The outreach process to get booked on shows requires research, show knowledge and specialized email outreach pitches in order to convince a show host that you are a good fit for their audience.  An experienced podcast guest booking agency has a much better chance of getting you booked than an inexperienced virtual assistant.
It is possible to hire a virtual assistant or use your internal staff and try to get booked on podcasts.  But you will quickly find that DIY outreach and scheduling for podcast booking require a lot of manual work.  Additionally, lack of experience in the outreach process leads to lower conversion rates – meaning it will take you many more contacts per successful booking.
The best podcast booking agencies will help you develop a pitch sheet (aka “one-sheet”).  This document is key for your booker’s outreach process, but it also helps to spin the host’s questioning towards your messaging.  This way, all the content that stems from interviews will fit in with your content strategy.  You can take this content, including the podcast audio files, and weave them into your website and web assets – all good web designers know how to apply podcast and audio content to your website in a way that will help your SEO and website traffic conversion rates.
In terms of search engine optimization (i.e. getting to rank organically on the first page of Google) podcast guesting is one of the industry’s best kept secrets, SEO link building strategies.  By getting you booked on podcasts, your guest booking agency is helping you obtain some of the best backlinks you can get for search engine rankings.   This is because every podcast recording typically gets a dedicated “show notes” page for each episode on the host’s website, with resource links pointing back to your website(s) and social media accounts.   Backlinks are simply clickable links from third party websites that link back to your own website.  When backlinks point back to your website from high quality sites (such as podcasting websites), the search engines count these links and use them to rank your web pages higher.
Getting Started
Now that we have you convinced to hire a podcast guest booking company, how to you find the best one?
That’s easy, do a Google search for “podcast booking services”.
First and foremost, look for podcast bookers and podcast guest expert booking services that know SEO!
An SEO-savvy podcast booking agency can help you get more benefits from this service.  Most podcast bookers only focus on the initial booking, but do not help you get the full value from your campaign in terms of search engine optimization.
The best podcast booking services will help you find ways to get even more value from guesting, including reputation management, blogging and lead generation and much more.
Seriously, if you are looking for a marketing edge this year, check out podcast guesting.  You will find that getting booked on podcasts as a guest expert is a high ROI digital marketing tactic that will help you build authority, develop niche authority and generate more leads and sales for your business.