TLV Sohn Conference brings in financial leaders

The forecasts presented at the Conference in recent years have proven their success.

(photo credit: RAMI ZARNGER)
Leading global investment experts will convene at the TLV Sohn Conference next month in Tel Aviv. Taking place on October 23 at the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange Convention Center, in partnership with CNBC, the annual conference will feature the world’s largest and most prominent hedge funds. The Sohn Conference has taken place in strategic locations around the globe for more than 20 years, including New York, San Francisco, Toronto, London, Hong Kong, Mumbai, Sydney, Monaco, Zurich and São Paolo.
The forecasts presented at the Conference in recent years have proven their success. For example, David Einhorn, Founder of Greenlight Capital, predicted in the middle of 2008, to sell “in short” shares in Lehman Brothers because it was claimed that the company was in danger of a general crash as a result of giant sub-prime mortgage positions. A number of months following, Lehman Brothers collapsed which resulted in a global financial crisis whose results are still evident to this day. Einhorn and his investors earned a huge amount from this foresight.
The following prominent investors and influential speakers will present this year: Arnaud Ajdler, portfolio manager of engine capital; Sean Darby, global equity strategist for Jefferies; Jonathan Fayman, co-CIO and co-founder of Glen Point Capital; Seth Fischer, CIO of Oasis Management Co. Ltd; Mark Hawtin, investment director at GAM; Andrew Herenstein, co-portfolio manager and co-founder of Monarch Alternative Capital LP; Prof. Oded Rechavi, Associate Professor at Tel Aviv University; Aaron Stern, head of international investments at Fir Tree Partners; Itay Tuchman, head of global foreign exchange at Citi; Kfir Yagour, portfolio manager at ION Asset Management.
All the proceeds from the ticket sales will be donated to the non-profit Israel Rett Syndrome Association, “Silent Angels.”
Shmulik Zysman, founder and chairman of the Israel Rett Syndrome Association praised the conference for “creating a unique combination of being an international prestigious event that allows participants to receive the rare opportunity to hear new investment ideas, while at the same time, giving back to the community by donating to an important cause.”
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