Why Local Businesses Need to be Active Globally?

Data shows that an effective e-commerce strategy is essential for modern retailers.

Israeli education (illustrative) (photo credit: MARC ISRAEL SELLEM)
Israeli education (illustrative)
(photo credit: MARC ISRAEL SELLEM)
18.6% of businesses survived according to a study conducted in by Central Bureau of Statistics, The State of Israel. The same source reported the Total Business Tendency Balance was 23,8% in 2011.
In 2012, Paul Solomon, head of communications for the Internet giant’s Israel branch at that time, told The Jerusalem Post that businesses must be able to promote their digital assets using search-engine marketing to reach the people searching for their particular service and they should consider selling online, if they do not already do so, because the data suggest that Israelis will purchase online when given a proper opportunity.
Competition on the local market is tight due to the rise of efficient technology, therefore, business owners must use a to target a wider audience.
Data shows that an effective e-commerce strategy is essential for modern retailers.
However, these strategies are subject to the ever-changing search engine algorithms which determine the order of how search results will be listed.
Among using Jerusalem’s local marketing agencies and practices, adopting a proper online presence strategy is crucial. Using search engines and web directories to promote a business with an online presence is a strategy used since the beginning of the Internet.
Therefore, getting your website built, developed and optimized for the online shoppers is essential. Being listed in a few notable web directories is also part of a healthy marketing strategy. A web directory is a website where a user can search and navigate to the different links listed in the directory to search for more information and often a regional section is provided.
By examining over 45 “top 10 web directory lists”, two directories with regional sections appeared to be useful: Business.com, which is a business related portal with a long history and Jasmine Directory which is one of the most prominent directories in the industry which is headquartered in Valley Cottage, NY. Both directory’s audience is global. Both web directories perceive a review fee.
Compared to Business.com, Jasmine Directory, will include your business address and a Google map to accurately show the location of your business (if you opt-in to share that kind of data). Your businesses’ phone number may also be listed. If your website is listed in a quality directory like the mentioned above, it helps Google identify businesses as being “vouched for”, and helping their ranking, because of the involved human intervention.
Both directories have divided their listings in form of categories which are further sub-divided into smaller categories so that they are more accurate. It is worth nothing that the fees associated with these two directories get used to pay editors to review for possible inclusion of the site in the directory index. Always be sure to read the terms and conditions of the submission process to avoid complications or confusion later. When submitting your information for inclusion, take an extra moment to review that all the information you provided is accurate. In Jasmine Directory case, you may want to submit several pieces of key data including website URL(s,) contact information, business address, links to social profiles, etc.
Concluding, Google compliant and search engine friendly web listings offer you a way to reach a broader market.
Attracting investments through using these methods other countries have been using for a decade now, helps Jerusalem’s economic diversity. In the last few years, the economic background of Israel has attracted attention from international business leaders such as Microsoft founder Bill Gates and investor Warren Buffett.