Wissmann Holdings opens massive industrial center in North

(L-R) Arie Wissman, Chairman of the Boards; Nachum Wissman, President (photo credit: COURTESY OF WISSMAN GROUP)
(L-R) Arie Wissman, Chairman of the Boards; Nachum Wissman, President
The Wissmann Holdings Group, the leading furniture company in Israel, is inaugurating the industrial center it established at the Bar-Lev Park in the Western Galilee at a total investment of $10 million.
It is one of the most advanced and largest industrial centers in Israel, and is one of the most advanced in the Middle East. It covers about 1.2 hectares (about three acres), of which 7,700 sq.m. has been built. It can hold more than 250 containers and will support all of the group’s brands, including the veteran furniture chain Shomrat Hazorea, children’s furniture network Ein Harod, baby furniture brand Mashcal, general furniture company Wissmann Import and Marketing, the Net Collection e-commerce site from Shomrat Hazorea, Shomrat Hazorea Projects and more.
It is the only industrial center in Israel that contains furniture for all parts of the house, in addition to office and institutional furniture, said Arie Wissmann, owner of Wissmann Holdings.
It “was created out of our need to serve all the companies in the group in the most current and professional manner, and from the planning and vision for the future and the expectation of further developments, such as the launching of the new trade site where the Net Collection furniture from Shomrat Hazorea is being sold,” Wissmann said.
“We are in a reality and in an environment that requires different logistical and operative preparations in order to provide a quick and quality response to the new generation of customers, which is accustomed to online purchasing and immediate supply,” he said. “The size of the building, the latest design, the use of advanced management software, innovative equipment and greater manpower are taking us to a new era, so different from that of our father, the founder of the company, founded in 1932.”