German energy company E.ON acquires Innogy

E.ON will continue to search for innovative Israeli startups and technologies for collaboration with the E.ON business units.

Mickey Steiner, Head of E.ON operations in Israel (photo credit: AB VISUALART)
Mickey Steiner, Head of E.ON operations in Israel
(photo credit: AB VISUALART)
The German energy company E.ON has acquired its peer Innogy, in one of the largest deals made in the German market. As a result of the merger, E.ON has become one of the largest energy networks operators in Europe providing energy solutions to about 50 million customers. E.ON employs about 75,000 people and is active in 15 European countries.
E.ON will continue to play an active role in the Israel market under the management of Mickey Steiner, through two approaches:
- First, through E.ON Innovation, a modular platform for innovation that combines internal innovation, cross-industry partnerships and research and technology to identify and develop the latest technologies and digital business models in the energy sector and beyond, launching them for E.ON’s core business. 

- Second, through Future Energy Ventures, E.ON’s newly established collaboration and venturing platform led by Ines Bergmann-Nolting and Jan Lozek. Future Energy Ventures will manage E.ON’s existing startup portfolio, and invest in digital, scalable and asset-light businesses at Series A stage and beyond with strategic potential for E.ON. 
Both units are headquartered in Essen and run offices in Europe's startup hub Berlin, as well as in Tel Aviv, Israel, and the Silicon Valley, United States.
Commenting on the merger, Mickey Steiner, Head of E.ON operations in Israel, said: "I welcome the move, which opens up new opportunities for us and for the Israeli eco-system. I am excited to remain involved in Future Energy Ventures, as well as E.ON Innovation in Israel. With this new structure we seek to collaborate both with startups and large companies. We offer Israeli companies business connections and partnership opportunities with E.ON´s huge internal network based in several countries in Europe, including Germany, Poland, Sweden, the Czech Republic, the UK and Italy among others. We are looking for innovative solutions in diverse fields, such as EV charging, advanced energy systems (micro-grid, Virtual Power plant and the like), building management and control systems, systems for the production and distribution of heat energy, and more."

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