Expansive footage: Rabbi Pinto's remarkable visit to Rome

  (photo credit:  Ronen Tal, Ariel Nacamulli)
(photo credit: Ronen Tal, Ariel Nacamulli)

Joy at the Beit El synagogue in Rome: Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto arrived in Italy for a visit and a trip of spiritual support. Rabbi Pinto was accompanied by his son Rabbi Yoel Pinto.

Unique visit by Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto in Italy. At the center of his visit, Rabbi Pinto gave Torah widely attended classes and met with senior community members and members of the Italian government who came to consult with him and receive his blessings.

The rabbi was greeted at the airport by the local head of security, who accompanied him with a motorcade of armored vehicles and a police entourage for the length of his visit.

The rabbi's main class took place at Beit El central synagogue and was attended by 1200 Romans and guests worldwide.

The city's chief rabbi, Rabbi Shmuel (Ricardo) Di Segni, sat on the dais at the synagogue and addressed the crowd in Rabbi Pinto's honor. Next to Rabbi Pinto sat his son and successor, Rabbi Yoel Pinto.

After the class, which lasted over an hour, Rabbi Pinto greeted the participants one by one and gave them his advice and blessing.

  (credit:  Ronen Tal, Ariel Nacamulli) (credit: Ronen Tal, Ariel Nacamulli)

During the class, the local police blocked a few streets near the synagogue and protected the event with many officers.

Beforehand, Rabbi Pinto met with the leaders honorable members of the community and with local businessmen and gave Torah lessons at the homes of the Fadlon and Veto families, honorable respected members of the Roman Jewish community.

The visit left a great impression on the Jewish community of Rome, known for its unique tradition, which it has led for many years under the current leadership of Chief Rabbi Di Segni.

This article was written in cooperation with Shuva Israel