Surprise Statement from Azeri Member of Parliament: The Allegiance with Israel is Ancient

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A member of the Azeri parliament’s foreign affairs committee referred to the special relationship with Israel by saying that “the terror attack on the Azeri embassy, rocket assaults, and attacks on Israel are evidence of President Aliyev’s recognition of the common threat to peace throughout the world.” 

Azerbaijan is warming its relations with Israel: In the context of the Azeri defense minister’s statement, saying that Azerbaijan, on the border with Iran, is expected to expand military cooperation with Israel, a member of the Azeri foreign affairs committee, Rasim Musabayov, says that the covenant between the nations is “ancient.”

According to Musabayov, “The Jews in Azerbaijan have been ambassadors of the Jewish people and of Israel throughout all time. Today it has also been reflected in the opening of the embassy, yet the alliance stems back to days of yore. The meetings between the defense ministers of Israel and of our country, together with the head of our border guard, against the backdrop of severe threats from Iran to both countries, testify to a strong, strategic and deep-rooted alliance between both nations,” added the Azeri foreign affairs committee member.  

Musabayov added that “the terror attack on the Embassy of Azerbaijan, rocket assaults, and attacks on Israel testify to the common threat, which means that President Aliyev’s approach to the restoration of ties between our countries was justified and evident for the long term. 

He continued, saying, “I hope that the collaboration between the defense ministries will increase in order to ensure common security. Azerbaijan’s opponents have to understand that we rely not only on Turkey and the UN for security matters, but also on a strategic partnership with Israel.”

Earlier it was announced that Security Minister Yoav Gallant had spoken to Azeri Defense Minister Zakir Hasanov about working in cooperation with the Caucasian country on security matters.

Additionally, the Ministry of Defense announced that Minister Gallant spoke with the Azeri Chief of State Border Service, who congratulated him on his commencement of service.

This article was written in cooperation with Shuva Israel