Rabbi Pinto, in a conversation with his students: “Someone grateful- that is the greatest virtue.”


Rabbi Pinto called to acquire the virtue of gratitude. “If someone does something good for you, you must be grateful.”

The leader of Shuva Israel, Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto, called on his students during his class to acquire the trait of gratitude, stating “Someone who is grateful- that is the greatest virtue.”

“King David called an evil person ‘My champion, my master, and my teacher’ because he taught him one law. All the more so: how much gratitude we have to have for G-d, for our fathers, our mothers, our families, friends, for someone who poured him a glass of water.”

Rabbi Pinto examined the way to obtain this virtue: “People don’t tend to remember good things. You have to work on it. The Gaon of Vilna would give a stone to anyone who would do him a favor. His students asked him why he answered, ‘People usually throw stones at people who do favors for them. I give them small stones so they don’t throw big rocks”. 

Rabbi Pinto added: “Man’s soul doesn’t like when people do favors for him because it commits him. But this is one of the main fundamentals that we are commanded. Whoever is grateful, G-d grants them plenty. Whoever is not grateful receives less. We are obligated to work on this important virtue.”

This article was written in cooperation with Shuva Israel