Watch: How to make quick and effective decisions

During his lecture, Rabbi Pinto explained that the best form of daily conduct is to rely on the decisions that we are satisfied with.

Shuva Israel

Sometimes we find intelligent people who suffer. Their decisions are well thought out and even logical. But they suffer.

"The reason," explained Rabbi Pinto in his weekly lecture, "is that they aren't satisfied with their decisions. They have difficulty accepting them. They're still unsure. They are still thinking if the decision they made was the correct one. And therefore, as a result, the implementation of the decision looks the same."

Rabbi Pinto explained that the moment one makes a decision, he has to be satisfied with it the entire time. "It could be a spiritual decision, a physical decision, or a combination of both. It doesn't really matter. As long as you are satisfied with your decisions, the implementation will be perfect."

"If, for instance, you decided that your goal for today is to make X amount of money - go for it all the way and don't look back. If you set a spiritual goal for the week - go with it till the end, and you'll be happy. The same goes for everything in your daily lives: be satisfied with your decisions, and you will have a happy life."

This article was written in cooperation with Shuva Israel