Request from the Admor: “Bring in the Sabbath half an hour earlier.”

  (photo credit:  Koby Har Tzvi)
(photo credit:  Koby Har Tzvi)

The Admor Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto, head of the Shuva Israel institutions in Israel and throughout the world, has encouraged his students to enhance the Sabbath by bringing it in approximately half an hour earlier than the appointed time, and to conclude it according to the time ruling by Rabbeinu Tam.

According to Rabbi Pinto, “The People of Israel are now entering into another stage of the imminent approach of the Messiah, and they are feeling the daily mental bondage and strain. From day to day, things will become more burdensome mentally and we will sense the yoke of bondage of the gentiles and that which the Egyptians placed on us, and we have no one to trust in but our Father in Heaven.

Rabbi Pinot added that “It is up to us to increase merits and strengthen all the ordinances and practices in public that we have been privileged to receive on a daily basis in the holy community of Shuva Israel, as well as expound on the Holy Zohar that sweetens the laws, and the Book of Deuteronomy that inspires mercy in man who trusts in Heaven’s mastery over the collective and the individual.

“We shall receive the approaching Sabbath in goodness and with blessings. We, in all the holy communities of Shuva Israel, take upon ourselves to receive the Sabbath Queen about a half an hour earlier and to bid Her farewell according to the ruling of Rabbeinu Tam, and its holiness will uplift and exalt us, just like the Sabbath observers of Tzippori and Tiberias,” instructed the Admor.

In conclusion, Rabbi Pinto gave a blessing: “By the power of the Sabbath, we shall sweeten the laws and soften and purify the world. In this way, there will be great showers of abundance from all the worlds, and we will add from the secular to the holy, to receive spiritual and material  abundance.

This article was written in cooperation with Shuva Israel