Rabbi Pinto speaks about R. Yeshaya of Kersetir’s Greatness on the anniversary of his passing

  (photo credit: Shuva Israel)
(photo credit: Shuva Israel)

Today is the anniversary of the Tzaddik Rabbi Yeshaya the son of R’ Moshe of Kersetir’s passing. Masses of Jews visited and are still visiting the the tzaddik’s shrine in Hungary.

A global train left the USA, Israel, Europe and even Australia and Africa for Hungary to visit the shrine that has become a center of pilgrimage for thousands of Jews in recent years.

In a talk he gave last night in New York in memory of Rabbi Yeshaya, Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto elaborated on the wondrous character of the tzaddik who was known for his compassionate heart and open hand.

Rabbi Pinto related that after Rabbi Yeshaya’s first wife passed away, he was suggested to his second wife Sarah. At their first meeting, he told her he wanted to devote his life to doing acts of charity and kindness. When she heard his wish, she agreed to marry him.

At that meeting, the tzaddik told her about a Jewish scholar who ascended to heaven after he died and despite all the Gemara he had studied, it was decreed upon him to return to earth again in a reincarnation. Another Jew appeared before the heavenly court, a simple Jew who owned a small grocery store in a village, and he was swiftly admitted to heaven. The difference was because the simple Jew was constantly doing acts of kindness to everyone. If he saw a needy person in his store - he would immediately give him free food.

"The world stands on the quality of kindness," Rabbi Pinto said in his talk. "In all worlds, there is none greater than one who does kindness.” Watch his full words.

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