Travels with Sushi in the Land of the Mind’ - Live discussion

Meet author Eduard Shyfrin * A London Jewish Book Week pre-event

Eduard Shyfrin (photo credit: Courtesy)
Eduard Shyfrin
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Eduard Shyfrin, the international sponsor of Jewish Book Week, the international literary festival, and author of Travels with Sushi in the Land of the Mind, the popular children’s book that received the Independent Press Award Distinguished Favorite for juvenile fiction, discusses his book.

February 18 at 8 p.m. ISR
In cooperation with
The Jerusalem Post 
Shyfrin has also written extensively on Jewish mysticism and is the author of From Infinity to Man: The Fundamental Ideas of Kabbalah within the Framework of Information Theory and Quantum Physics.
Jewish Book Week brings together writers and speakers from the worlds of history, journalism, philosophy, science, art, music, poetry, and fiction, will be held entirely online this year. In previous years, the festival has been held in a packed London venue, with thousands of people meeting and participating, listening to speakers, and purchasing books.  
This year’s event, which runs from February 27 through March 7, will feature over fifty live-streamed presentations and panels on a wide variety of subjects, including modern Jewish literature, antisemitism, cancel culture, the modern Middle East, Jewish culture, Jewish travel through the ages, and many more. The festival features Jewish themes and writers, and discussions on the most important issues of the day
Jewish Book Week promises to be a fascinating event for anyone interested in books, reading, and ideas. Tickets to the live-streamed events can be purchased at All online sessions will be recorded, and weekday lunchtime events are free.