The Conference we'll produce for you includes:

- the most intriguing speakers – real newsmakers;
- The conferences will be covered by all of the group's media outlets, chiefly:
The Jerusalem Post – printed and online editions for international exposure;
Ma'ariv – the daily newspaper, Sofashavua and online – for local Israeli exposure;
- Attractive prices.

The production takes care of everything, from A to Z, and includes:

- Selecting the location and contacting it;
- Managing the event's content and inviting speakers;
- Constructing a production Gantt chart for every stage of the project (pre, during and post);
- Managing contact with all of the event's suppliers;
- Media leveraging of the conference before, during and after the event, including:
Producing and distributing special conference magazines;
A series of articles to be published preceding the event;
Coverage of the day of the conference;
A live broadcast on the group's websites – a closed circuit feed (by 2 cameras) and
a live feed on the JPost/Ma'ariv website including onsite editing station;
- Shooting the conference (both stills and video) and distributing the photos to the
media during the event;
- Full branding for the event.

The actual production the day of the event includes:

- Registration – registration station and manpower – branded badges and paper bracelets
(in different colors – to be handed out according to each participant's entrance
permissions, for security and monitoring purposes);
- Security and security check station including updating and coordinating with the
proper authorities, preliminary field tours, constructing security arrays, security
staff and accompanying services such as dog patrol, magnometers, first aid and so on
(in accordance with specific requirements);
- Stage and backstage management on the content and production levels:
speakers, catering, technical operational staff and so forth.