Jerusalem Post Newsletter Raffle

Raffle terms: These Terms, which govern the weekly raffles held by the Jerusalem Post Ltd., an Israeli Corporation whose principal place of business is 15 Haachim Maslavita st. Tel Aviv 61575 P.O 57598 (hereinafter: The Jerusalem Post) between the dates of June 14th and September 8th, 2011 (hereinafter: the Term), and in consideration of the charter for promotional raffles, 1999.

In the entire Raffle term, The Jerusalem Post shall distribute 3 weekends of two nights in the Grand Court Hotel in Jerusalem, Israel, and 198 (one hundred and ninety eight) T-Shirts with the Jerusalem Post's newspaper cover of May 15, 1948.

  1. Eligibility:A participant shall be entitled to enter the raffle if he is: (1) a natural person over 18 years of age; (2) not insolvent, liquidated or otherwise declared bankrupt; (3) does not reside in any proscribed state; (4) joined the Jerusalem Post's newsletter subscription during the Term; (5) accepted the Jerusalem Post website's terms and conditions; and (6) is not: (i) a person employed, or a relative of a person employed by the Jerusalem Post, its contractors, its affiliates, the offices of Jonathan J. Klinger, Attorney at Law, or any other person directly affiliated with the raffle (ii) already participated in any previous raffle held by the Jerusalem Post as a part of this promotional raffle series.
  2. Minimal Number of Participants: The Raffle should come into effect solely if 450 persons enter into it. If less than 450 persons enter into the raffle, then the Jerusalem Post may, at its sole discretion, refuse to hold the Raffle or withhold any distribution of prizes.
  3. Raffle Date:On July 14th, 2011, August 11th2011, and September 8th, 2011, the Jerusalem Post shall pick, out of the list of participants, 66 names of winners. The first 65 persons shall be entitled to the Runner-up Prize and the 66th person shall be entitled to the First Prize, all as defined herein. Picking shall be made by selecting random numbers out of the total number of eligible participants 66 times, according to a strong random algorithm.
  4. Supervision:The raffle shall be supervised by the offices of Jonathan J. Klinger, Attorney at Law, located at 6 Bilu St., Tel-Aviv. At any time, a participant may contact the offices of Mr. Klinger for any inquires regarding these Raffle terms or in regards to other inquires regarding the raffles, as well as to receive, free of charge, an electronic copy of these terms.
  5. Prizes:The Raffle's prizes shall be as follows:

    1. First Prize: The First Prize shall be a weekend (two nights) accommodation for 2 persons in the Grand Court Hotel in Jerusalem, Israel. The accommodation shall be exclusive of all travel expenses whatsoever and shall be on a half-board basis
    2. Runner Up Prize:The Runner-up Prize shall be 15 T-Shirts with a printed copy of the Jerusalem Post's cover from May 15, 1948, including any shipping and handling fees, but exclusive of all taxes, duties and customs.
    3. Eligibility: Participants shall be eligible to receive prizes by contracting the Jerusalem Post and providing it with the information required by the Jerusalem Post, including shipping address, personal information or other information, and until 30 days of the termination of the Term
  6. Transferability of Prizes:The prizes shall be personal and non-transferable, and shall be provided solely to the participant who won them, and as long as he provided the Jerusalem Post with substantial proof of his identity.
  7. Publication of Results:The Jerusalem Post shall post the results in the Jerusalem Post's website and in the Jerusalem Post's other publications, and may be entitled to use the participants' and winners' names, images and photos for promoting its brand. Notification of winning any prize shall be sent to the participants who won via electronic mail, and shall be deemed as received within 72 hours.
  8. Cancellation of the Raffle:The Jerusalem Post may, at its sole discretion, cancel or otherwise terminate this Raffle, for any reason and for no reason at all, as long as it provided with clear and apparent notice of such termination.